Composites have been common stay in the Aerospace Industry with decades of usage for Aero structures such as wing spars, fuselage sections and fan blades. Modern Aircraft feature up to 70% composite materials making them the material of choice for this Industry. Aero structures demand strength, light weight and durability without compromise in safety.The excellent strength to weight ratio and fatigue characteristics of Carbon prepreg's makes them the material of choice for aerospace engineers worldwide. Composites in Aerospace material design help to save weight, reduce fuel consumption, increase payload, extend flight range, enhance toughness and durability, optimize design, reduce part count, maximize passenger comfort and safety. CFRP also provide better fatigue resistance as compared to Aluminium.Ever since the introduction of prepregs, the composites content in all new aircraft programs has been growing significantly. Composites are now important materials in the construction of all aircraft's. HCS's expertise in design and manufacture of composite intermediates enables products to be tailored to customers' requirements. Our engineered prepregs are composed of innovative resin matrices based on Cyanate Ester, BMI and Epoxy resins reinforced with glass, carbon, and aramid fibre fabrics, rovings, multiaxial complexes or hybrids.