R & D Philosophy

Hindoostan Mills is an innovative textile company which has been manufacturing a variety of textiles for the last 140 years. Today, the application of textiles are being continuously expanded in several technical fields starting from agriculture, military, infrastructure, telecommunications and aerospace to highly sensitive medical applications etc.

To extend the tradition of innovation and to be in line with modern global business practices, we have dedicated an independent facility,HINDOOSTAN INNOVATION CENTRE (HIC) for new textile and material developments, high performance material applications, creative structures, new production processes and techniques. These innovations in textile materials will open up a range of new possibilities .Modern technical textile is an indispensable tool for science and technology. It is set to be a promising field, offering multifunctional materials and structures achieving high levels of physical, mechanical, thermal and chemical properties through an engineered design process based on scientific design and technology concepts.

The areas of innovation which will be focused on are High Performance Composites, Medical textiles, High performance nonwovens and infrastructure solutions. HIC has chalked out systematic new product development plans in line with these industries. An Innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved product (good or service), or process, a new marketing method, or a new organisational method in business practices,work place, organisation or external relations to bring overall profitability. HIC focus is not only new product development but paradigm shifts of focus of a traditional textile house. New product Design involves formulation of ideas and needs and then transforming these ideas to a product through adequate technology, technical characterization, and production processes.

HIC balances the New product Design with respective business unit in the origination while maintaining scientific temperament of the HIC. SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL ACTIVITIES (STA) in HIC are activities concerned with scientific research and experimental development and contributing to the generation, dissemination and application of scientific and technical knowledge which include R&D, Applied research and Prototyping. The Centre is determined to provide environment for Scientific and technological manpower to cultivate activity of RESEARCH AND EXPERIMENTAL DEVELOPMENT (R&D) which comprises of creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications. We encourage APPLIED RESEARCH which is also original investigation undertaken in order to acquire new knowledge. It is, however, directed primarily towards a specific practical aim or objective. To bring our innovations to market, the centre is equipped with EXPERIMENTAL DEVELOPMENT AND PROTOTYPING METHODOLOGY; which is a systematic work, drawing on existing knowledge gained from research and/or practical experience and directed to producing new materials, products or devices, to installing new processes, systems and services or to improving substantially those already produced or installed.

HIC is poised to develop infrastructure in an area of 27000 sq feet in the Mumbai metropolitan region , which will have R&D laboratories, Analytical Testing Laboratories, state of the art pilot plants capable of producing quantities for test marketing and customer application development space, where training can be provided to customers as many of the products shall need creation of market. The application development centre will also work on understanding customer specified and implied needs by designers of the product which can properly lead the design to a validation stage. The machineries for producing innovative products are not ready made; we have a well equipped engineering department to modify and tailor-make a machine to suit production of critical products. The traditional technical textile industries mainly rely on pre-formulated materials, which is a main cause of their lack of commercial penetration. HIC provides an opportunity to indigenise formulations to break the ice of non commercially-viable products. Hindoostan Composite Solution and Hindoostan Innovation Centre has been Awarded in the ICERP-JEC innovation award program, which is a part of ICERP 2015, from 29th to 31st Jan 2015 at Hyderabad. This innovation award program was jointly organized by FRP Institute India and JEC group, Paris. The area of Innovation was “Indigenous development of High performance Prepregs based on Carbon, Glass, Quartz reinforcements and in-house formulated solvent less Epoxy and Cyanate ester matrix resins”. This strategic material has application in SATCOM Radom in missiles and aircrafts. HIC has well documented procedures for interacting with Business Units (BU) within the group and developing methodology to establish a new BU for chosen range of products, therefore has fundamental responsibility in diversification of businesses for the group. Finance is a key function that influences success of Innovation process, the project need to be suitably supported, yet checks on costs profit margins and ROI is a part of the Innovation projects at HIC. We recognise the importance of Scientific and Technical manpower in Innovation process and committed to provide environments that accelerate positive propagation of work in to passion.